Life Changing Business Education for Kids!

A step by step plan for kids 13 -18 who want to launch and grow a successful business in 90 days and own their future. 

Life-Changing Business Education

Here's What's Included:

KidBOSS provides 1 year of access to life changing business education through Business Made Simple University. Get a step by step guide to starting, running and scaling a business from founder of Story Brand and world-class entrepreneur Donald Miller.

The KidBOSS Launch Box provides young entrepreneurs with the essential tools needed to start and scale a business like a rocket ship! Use the included tools to set goals, plan your day and run your business like a pro. The Launch Box includes top business books, productivity tools like a daily planner, entrepreneur journal, sales and financial resources and a few special items designed specifically for young adults by world-class entrepreneurs.

The KidBOSS Mastermind to gain live access to some of the top entrepreneurs in the world! The KidBOSS Mastermind is a membership-based, 60-minute monthly virtual mastermind, featuring world-class entrepreneurs who will teach on a specific area of entrepreneurship, share their business story and hold a live Q&A!
(1st month included in membership then $17.99/mo)

Sponsor A Kid

Life-Changing Business Education for Foster Kids 13-18

Of the 400,000 foster kids in the U.S. 75% of foster kids who are adopted are under the age of 9. Foster kids 13-18 will most likely age out of the system without a family. Give a foster kid the gift of life-changing business education through a KidBOSS gift card. All donations are tax deductible through the Daddy Saturday Foundation 501(c)(3). *Choose the number of KidBOSS memberships in checkout and select the donation tab.

What's included in KidBOSS?

How much would you pay to provide life changing business education for your kid? Your subscription gives your kid everything they need to know to start, grow and scale a business. 
All for just $349.99

  • Access to ALL On Demand Courses. 
  • Unlock your kid's unlimited potential through the powerful course Hero On A Mission
  • Your Kid's Professional Development Plan including Course Workbooks and Assessments.
  • Launch Box shipped to your home with the tools an entrepreneur needs to successfully launch and run their business.
  • Exclusive access to KidBOSS virtual monthly mastermind featuring world-class entrepreneurs as mentors (*1st month included in membership)

There are entrepreneur kids who are making $100,000-$1,000,000 through their businesses in a year! Your kid could be the next successful entrepreneur and create a business that changes the trajectory of their life. Now we can’t guarantee that your kid will become the next young millionaire and that's not really what this is all about. However, what we do know is the skills and knowledge your kid will learn through KidBOSS will put them on an entrepreneurial path to help them own their future. 

Give your kid the gift of access to life-changing business education they won't learn in school. Without the practical entrepreneur skills your kid needs to start and grow a business, it’s going to cost them and you…

Your kid will have the same common educational path as the rest of their peers.

Your kid won't have the ability to create their own income. 

You'll always be wondering if your kid reached their full potential.

Your kid won't separate themselves from the pack. 

You'll be left guessing if college is the only answer for your kid's future. 

You don’t have to settle when it comes to your kid's future. Join KidBOSS and get everything they need to become a competent young entrepreneur who learns the business knowledge and skills they will never learn in school and the specific actions to take to start and grow it.
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